Prickled Pink

Let this one tickle your taste buds this NYE:

December 28, 2012 -- Published by

Are you excited for New Years yet!? I am. It’s my favorite holiday of the year- a time to reflect on your achievements, make new goals and resolutions, and of course, over-indulge in exotic Champagne cocktails. One of my favorites, this one is fruity, bubbly, and just happens to be my favorite color- perfect for ringing in the New Year with style:

Carefully cut a slice off of a prickly pear (watch out for those prickles!) and gently muddle it with 1 oz of Clique Vodka in a cocktail tin, being careful not to crush the seeds- we don’t want any bitter notes in this cocktail. Strain the liquid into a flute, and make sure to tilt the glass while you top it off with Champagne so it doesn’t bubble over.

While your enjoying Clique Cocktails out on the town this NYE, make sure to let everyone know you party in style by tagging your Instagram photos with #CliqueShots. -And when that inevitable friend has obviously over indulged in #TheNewBlack, do Clique Intelligently and find them a taxi with the free Drinkypal app for iphone! They’ll thank you later.

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