Clique Vodka – The New Black

November 21, 2012 -- Published by

If you are reading this post then chances are you are aware of the BlackOut that hit the Clique Vodka  networks over the past couple weeks. The good news is, the BlackOut ended today. For months there has been talks of a change coming to Clique Vodka. The change was inevitable and although it was a tough decision, it was one that needed to be made. This is the change. Welcome to the new Clique Vodka – The New Black.

Over the past few months, the shelves have been clearing of the old Clique Vodkabottles in preparation for the release of these new bottles. Clique Vodka has upgraded and is here to change everything! Yes, the new bottles are black. No, the vodka is NOT black. In fact, Clique Vodka won multiple awards including 2 gold medals in 2012 so there is no way the vodka is changing. It’s simply too good.

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If you stop by the Facebook or Twitter page you will notice all updated imagery. Again, everything is changing!

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There will be many more updates throughout the day, for now enjoy Black Friday! If you like the upgrade to Clique Vodka, share the news with a friend!