Pump it up with a….

January 4, 2013 -- Published by

It seems like every few months a new superfruit loaded with antioxidants floods the market, promising to fight free radicals and make you healthier with new exotic flavors. With all the available options in the grocery and specialty stores, getting your daily dose of antioxidants is as easy as drinking a glass of juice in the morning, so why not apply the same logic to your cocktails? Using healthy mixers is tasty and smart, so today I’m sharing my all-time favorite cancer fighting combo-

In tall collins glass, add: 1 oz Clique Vodka, 1/2 oz Stirrings Pomegranate Liqueur, 1 oz blueberry acai juice, 1 oz goji berry juice, and 1 oz cranberry juice. Roll, by pouring contents into a cocktail tin and back again to mix. I bet you’ve never had such a deliciously healthy cocktail, so make sure you let the world know how great you feel by tagging your Instagram pics with #CliqueShots.  If you claim your #CliqueShots on Facebook, you can also win some great Clique Vodka loot too!


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