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End your workweek with an:

January 11, 2013 -- Published by

Thank goodness it’s Friday.  After a the first full work week of the new year, I’m certainly ready for the weekend! I have the perfect little infusion cocktail that is so delicious- there will be no second-thinking on this one. Sweet, tart, and simply executed- scoop up all of life’s lemons this weekend and get ready to make an “Executive Decision.”

The first component of this drink involves a simple vodka infusion. Never done one before? No problem- this is the prefect time for you to get creative with your cocktails- that way if you don’t want to broadcast all your other personal resolutions of this year to the world- you can at least retell your first mixology experiment. Which (went so well), that you just may have found a new hobby.

Zest 4 large lemons with a standard vegetable peeler, being careful to get only the bumpy skin, and gently scrap off any white pith with a knife (pith will impart undesirable bitter flavor to the infusion). Add the zest to  an empty Clique Vodka bottle and top with 20 oz of Clique Vodka. Shake very well initially, and 3x per day for 3 days- until Clique Vodka has turned a brilliant yellow  color and smells tartly of lemon. Strain and funnel back into original bottle.

When you are ready to make the “Executive Decision,” just fill a tall glass with ice, add 1 oz Lemon Infused Clique Vodka and 2 drops blue curacao. Top with sprite, and stir.  Let the world know about your “Executive Decision” and new mixology skills by tagging your Instagram photos with #CliqueShots this weekend. (If we think your decisions are on point, you just may be rewarded..?!?).




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