Another Christmas Gift Set Winner

December 25, 2012 -- Published by

The 3rd winner for the Clique Vodka Christmas Gift set has been announced! Love seeing all of the pix being uploaded to #CliqueShots, thank you! Pictures are showing up via #CliqueShots from all over the country daily. With the release of the New Black Bottles and nationwide expansion, it’s great to see the support flowing in from all over!

@dunkin_go_nuts is the winner of the 1st Clique Vodka Christmas Gift set@dunkin_go_nuts will receive not only the limited edition t-shirt but also the custom cocktail mixer and shot glasses!

Have questions about how to enter the #CliqueShots contest?

How to Win:

1. Upload a pic via #CliqueShots

2. Visit the Clique Vodka Facebook Page

3. Click on the #CliqueShots 100 Link

4. Sign in with Instagram

5. Claim your PIC!

If you have any questions, just ask! @CliqueVodka

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