Use Zevia all natural sodas for sugar free Halloween cocktails!

October 26, 2013 -- Published by

If you’ve been searching for a way to cut down the amount of sugar in your cocktails, search no more! Our friends at Zevia natural soda have created a line of tasty carbonated sodas with you guessed it- no sugar! Instead they sweeten these bubbly beverages with stevia extract- a natural plant compound that is up to 350x sweeter than the same amount of sugar and has no effect on blood glucose levels and no calories!  They are currently making 15 different flavors of these miracle sodas- they all go great with Clique Vodka, but in light of the sugar soaked Halloween festivities, we decided to give those of you watching your sugar intake a little treat with these recipes!:

“Ginger Fingers:” In a cocktail tin, muddle 1 1/4 oz Clique Vodka with a few fresh ginger rounds. Add 1/4 oz lemon juice and ice, then shake well to chill. Strain into a rocks glass with a frozen piece of ginger to keep the cocktail cold and top with Zevia Grapefruit Citrus all natural soda.


“Mountain Troll:” In a cocktail tin muddle the fleshy fruit of half a kiwi with 1 1/4 oz Clique Vodka and strain into a flute. Add 1/4 oz fresh lime juice and top with Mountain Zevia all natural soda.


“Bleeding Heart:” Muddle 2 strawberries with 1 1/4 oz Clique Vodka and pour into an ice filled rocks glass. Top with Strawberry Zevia all natural soda and garnish with a light up ice cube.


“Pumpkin Patch:” Add 1 1/4 oz pumpkin infused Clique Vodka (get the recipe here) to a rocks glass with ice and top with Zevia all natural ginger ale.


Make sure you check out the Mixbook for more exciting low-cal cocktails, and be sure you let us know how these sugar-less cocktails made your day by tagging your Instagram photos with #CliqueShots! (You may even win some sweet CLique Vodka swag!)