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The New Black

January 16, 2013 -- Published by

Every so often a brand will emerge that will revolutionize an industry. The spirits industry has reached a tipping point given technology and it’s evolution where there is now an opportunity for a brand to emerge and change the way this industry speaks to its consumers. Now is the time for an intelligent and innovative brand to change the game while maintaining the traditional production quality of a truly superior vodka. This group of young forward thinking visionaries will actually speak to the intelligent upcoming demographic and raise the bar for the future of vodka. Becoming a staple in the spirits industry is Clique Vodka, the new black. We would now like to introduce you to howClique Vodka was born, and why it is changing the vodka industry with such a distinctive flavor profile and astonishing smoothness.

Some of you watching this video already know about Clique Vodka. Unfortunately some of you do not know and are seeing Clique Vodka for the first time. Either way, if you like what you see, share it with a friend. We live in a world where sharing is an everyday part of life on the internet. It may be a funny picture of a cat, it may be a random thought, or it may even be a funny video you found online. Point is, you share things daily with your friends online. Hopefully you can take the social sharing experience to the next step and share a cocktail with your friends, offline.

Want to know how to share? Clique Vodka’s new black bottles have now filtered into stores all across the United States! Wondering if Clique Vodka is available in your state? See if you live in one of the pink states HERE! Then let the sharing begin!

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