Pictures from Snoop Dogg’s Hollywood Mansion Party

April 30, 2013 -- Published by

From all over, people celebrated the unofficial holiday which is 420. Since 4/20 happened to fall on a Saturday this year, multiple parties and gatherings were popping up everywhere. But, nothing was quite like the party being hosted in the Hollywood Hills by the legendary Snoop Dogg himself. Clique Vodka was lucky enough to be invited to the party and served to Snoop’s guests.


It was known as the Snoop Lion 420 Festival, held at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills starting early at 11am. Unfortunately, the party didn’t even make it to 4:20pm before being shut down by the police due to multiple noise complaints, parking issues and lack of permits.

“Snoop Dogg’s 4/20 party in Hollywood was shut down before the star of the show even arrived … TMZ has learned.”

“Apparently, Snoop’s neighbors weren’t too pleased with the amount of noise and cars cluttering their street!” – Perez Hilton


“Snoop Dogg or Lion arrived at the party just as it was being shut down and had to deal with the police. We’re told Snoop arrived to the party just as it was being shut down. Our sources say Snoop spoke to police and was incredibly cooperative and understood why the party was being shut down.” – TMZ


The dealings with the police were calm and the guests were told to leave. Although Snoop Dogg’s first 420 festival did not go completely as planned, some people were still able to hang out in the mansion including Snoop Dogg himself. Here are some of the pictures from Snoop Dogg’s party.