Go green this weekend with a “Shamrock Shaker!”

March 13, 2013 -- Published by

We all lucked out a bit this year, with St. Paddy’s Day falling on Sunday- It’s almost like getting  2 St. Paddy’s Days back to back. So, on Sunday (The REAL St. Paddy’s Day) when you think you just can’t dance to any more Irish jigs- go ahead and have a few “Shamrock Shakers,” I promise they’ll get you back on your feet.

In a cocktail tin with ice, add 1 oz Clique Vodka, and 1/2 oz pineapple juice, and 1/2 oz sours mix (you can buy sours mix from any grocery or liquor store), and 1 drop of green food coloring. Shake very hard, and strain into a shooter glass. If you shook it hard enough, there will be a nice thick foam on top, and using the green food dye dropper (which now has just a bit of dye on it) you can draw a shamrock in the top of the glass. This may take a few times to perfect- but I’m sure you’ll have no problem taking a few extra shots to impress your friends with the perfect colored garnish. Of course we expect everyone to have a good time this weekend, but make sure you’re one step ahead by downloading DrinkyPal, our free app that uses GPS location to find the nearest hotel or taxi. Even if you #CliqueIntelligently, it’s always nice to help a pseudo-Irishman in need!

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