@DJCookz on #CliqueShots

January 18, 2013 -- Published by

It must have been a good week because the #CliqueShots feed was flooded with new pictures! A few of the pictures came through way too many times, stop that. You know who you are. Variety is the key and #CliqueShots needs to stay that way!


This week’s featured #CliqueShots pic is from @DJCookz! @DJCookz is always representing Clique Vodka but ironically enough, not too well in this picture. (We can’t see the bottles!) Either way, @DJCookz represents as a True Artist and has watched Clique Vodka grow over the years.

Not sure how #CliqueShots works? It’s simple! Upload a picture to Instagram and tag that pic #CliqueShots! The work is done. Then you can view all of the various #CliqueShots HERE!

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