What’s 10x better than a Moscow Mule? A Latvian one of course!

September 11, 2014 -- Published by

Who doesn’t love a good Moscow mule? They’re spicy, citrusy, and if made properly, super cold due to the traditional copper mug. It’s almost silly to think you could improve on the classic cocktail, but we did! Here are step by step instructions on how to make a Latvian Mule- Made with Latvian Clique Vodka, it’s spicier with fresh ginger juice and uses almost an entire lime- and of course it’s super cold after we crush the ice! Let’s begin:

A great moscow mule starts with fresh ginger!

The secret to any good cocktail is using fresh ingredients, so instead of relying on ginger beer to give us that spicy gingery kick- we’re upping the ante with fresh ginger. Choose a whole hand that is firm without any bruises or discoloration.



To make peeling easier, cut the hand into smaller pieces.


Peel ginger with a spoon

Use a spoon to peel as much of the skin as possible off the fingers.


if you don;t have a juicer- use a blender!

If you have a juicer- great! This would be the time to use it, but if you don’t- just toss them into a blender and pulse, slowly adding up to a 1/4 cup of water to get things moving. Blend until you have a nice even consistency

ginger-juice-for-moscow-mulesStrain through a fine mesh to catch all the little pieces and wha-la! Ginger juice!



Fresh lime is essential for our Latvian Mule, but we want to reserve the middle slice for the garnish.


To make the “Q,” cut a tiny wedge from one of the lime halves, then cut out the middle section of skin and insert it into a small slice in the lime wheel!



To make sure our Latvian Mule is way colder than those other Moscow mules, crush the ice cubes with a meat tenderizer inside a lewis bag, then wrap the opening of the bag around the mug and pack in the ice!


Ta-Da! A Latvian Mule!

To finish off our mule, shake 1 1/2 oz Clique Vodka, the juice of the lime ends, and 1-2 barspoons of ginger juice (depending on how spicy you like it) in a cocktail tin over ice, the strain onto your copper mug snow cone. Top with ginger beer, and cut a small slice in the bottom of the lime “Q” to sit it on the lip! Once sip of this baby and there’s no denying that our Latvian version blows every other Moscow mule right out of the mug! Cheers!