Lyric Da Queen

September 30, 2013 -- Published by

Flint, Michigan, home to MC Breed and The Dayton Family now has a female emcee ready to take the reign and leave her mark on Hip Hop forever. Lyric Da Queen, known champion battle rapper began rapping during her early Elementary school ages.  Legendary rappers Jadakiss, Andre 3000, and Eminem influence this now part time Miami, Atlanta, and New York resident, which is rare for most female rappers. Her rhymes have a story telling vibe that appeal to a broad hip hop and rap audience. Her image conveys the realness of a woman’s point of view but still gains the respect of men with her edginess.

Lyric Da Queen wants to raise the bar for females and break the stereotypes and limitations that have been set in the music Industry over the years. Her first solo project was a mix tape titled “My Time Iz Now” Vol. 1 hosted by Dj Drama and was released late 2011. With the popularity of achieving Internet success, The Lounge Reports blog site noted Lyric Da Queen as the female to look out for in 2011 and beyond. Performing has always played a huge role in Lyric’s career. Her performance roster includes Austin TX SXSW Events, 102.7 Summer Jam 2006, Opening up for Slaughterhouse @ Royal Oak Theater 2012, The legendary St. Andrews in Detroit, and several other venues throughout Flint, MI; Atlanta, GA; Miami, FL, Detroit, MI, and Los Angeles CA. 2012 saw Lyric continue her ascent by making it into the top 12 contestants in Fox’s worldwide hit show “The X Factor” (Season 2). The show broadened her mass appeal, and fans worldwide continue to fall in love with her caring personality, whimsical style, and of course the eye Patch and the motivational story surrounding it.

Lyric is an independent artist with a lifelong goal that will not be blemished by a complacent atmosphere; she feels being successful is creating a not only unmatched but also unforgettable mark for yourself. 2013 has brought even bigger and better opportunities for Lyric to accomplish her goals. Lyric’s unique blend of talent, hunger, and focus is sure to make millions of Hip Hop and music fans in general BELIEVE. Everybody does indeed get their turn, and for Lyric Da Queen HER TIME IS NOW.

“In order to be GREAT AND LEGENDARY you have to change the status quo, I am not The Next anyone…. I am the first “Lyric Da Queen”Lyric Da Queen