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Freestyle, a national recording artist from Pittsburgh, PA, has collaborated with several International artists, spanning Japan, Morocco, Bulgaria and Germany. He has been featured on DJ Khaled’s drive time show twice, has reached the top ten charts in Germany with Farman Scoop, and has recorded with desert storm and Fabolous early in his career. He has performed alongside Avant and Naughty By Nature at Nelly’s St. Lunatics Tour, and has been featured in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Pittsburgh City Paper, Pittsburgh Courier, along with having interviewed with Pittsburgh Business Radio and Pittsburgh’s Buzzworthy Radio. Having already performed for crowds as large as 30,000, Freestyle has a drawing appeal with endless charisma. With few artists hailing from the city of steel, Freestyle surely promises to put Pittsburgh on the map in the minds of Hip-Hop fans and music lovers alike.

Freestyle’s music career first started after competing in several rap competitions in his hometown city of Pittsburgh, pa. Many were hosted by the premier radio station 106.7 FM WAMO, including the famous Battle of the Beats as hosted by the city’s celebrity DJ Kee Kee. But the end result of each competition was the same, he won every battle and was officially crowned as the king of the city. As a newcomer, Freestyle challenged the city’s most skilled battle rappers and crews. Most notably, Freestyle entered into a street battle sponsored by DJ Kay Slay of Hot 97’s “Drama Kings”. Freestyle challenged the entire lineup at the famed Pyramid Club’s rap battle showcase. Freestyle was the last rapper left rhyming, he had defeated every opponent.

While in New York City, Freestlye’s spotless battle record deserved him the attention of Fabolous. Soon after, Freestyle was recording with Desert Storm and spending long nights and early mornings in the studio, writing and recording songs. Freestyle quickly developed his craft and while at New York City, he performed at the cit’s most elite hip-hop clubs and venues, Halcyon, Demerarra, Kush, and Crash Mansion at BLVD. His intensity as a performer and his unique ability to craft songs quickly were so impressive, it earned him a spot to perform alongside Avant and Naughty by Nature on Nelly’s St. Lunatics Tour. There, he performed for crowds as deep as 30,000.

Freestyle is a true MC. He crafts everything to contain a lyrical punch while having a confident delivery and instant charisma. His fresh perspective is continuing to bring him much deserved attention. More notably, Freestyle had reached Germany’s Top 10 Charts with his unofficially leaked record “Break Yo Back” that features Fatman Scoop. The track was intensely popular in Germany and soon began to open international doors for the talented rapper. Since the tracks inception, Freestyle has collaborated with international artists from Japan (2008), Morocco (2008), Bulgaria (2009), and Germany (2008-09), being spun in clubs and radio worldwide.