The perfect Thanksgiving cocktail: Cran-Apple Cider

November 20, 2014 -- Published by

What’s a celebration without the perfect Thanksgiving cocktail? Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, or don’t want to show up empty handed, this super easy infusion recipe might even turn into a annual tradition!


For this deliciously easy infusion recipe you’ll need to first infuse some cranberry vodka. Simply cut half a 12 oz bag of cranberries in half and place them in a large glass jar or infusion tank and fill with 1 bottle of Clique Vodka. Leave covered in a warm place for 3-4 days or until infusion has turned bright red and smells tartly of cranberries (if you need to infuse faster, just use the whole bag!). Strain out the cranberries and funnel your infusion back into the original bottle so you can fit a pour spout- which will make the layering a whole lot easier!


A special Thanksgiving cocktail needs a special garnish, and while this one looks complicated, brûléed cranberries are actually very easy to make. Spear 5 or so cranberries onto a sword or any other kind of pick, making sure that the tip (especially if using plastic!) is covered by a berry. Rinse the cranberries in water to wet, then sprinkle on a 50/50 mix of cinnamon and sugar to coat. Lightly brûlée (run the flame over gently) with a brûlée torch for a few seconds, rotating the pick as you go. If you don’t have a brûlée torch, one of those long grill/ candle lighters works well also, it might just take a few seconds longer.  The sugar will start to caramelize around the cranberries creating a delightful sweet crunch contrasting the tarty berry. Even though these only take a few seconds to make, I would suggest torching them ahead of time for faster cocktail serving (unless you really want to impress those in-laws of course!).


Now for the Thanksgiving cocktail itself! To make the “Cran-Apple Cider,” simply fill a glass with ice 3/4 of the way with locally made apple cider, then slowly add 1 1/4 oz cranberry infused Clique Vodka, holding the pour spout very close to the side of the glass so it falls down to the bottom creating a festive dual color Thanksgiving cocktail! Place your brûléed cranberry spear on top and join in the festivities!


Expert Tip: If you want to include the little ones, substitute the cranberry infused Clique Vodka with cranberry juice!