How to smoke Clique Vodka with a smoking gun

How to smoke cocktails using a smoking gun

March 7, 2014 -- Published by

In response to some of the MixBook cocktails, we received some requests for a complete tutorial on how to smoke cocktails using a smoking gun, so here we go!:

Smoking cocktails: Add 1 -2oz Clique Vodka to a clean sealable glass bottle

Add Clique Vodka to a  clean sealable glass bottle. If you are smoking 1-2 oz use a 750ml bottle, but for more than that (or a more intense smokey flavor), use a larger bottle like a growler with a screw cap, or a 1.5 L with a cork or screw top (Stelvin closure).


Smoked cocktails: Load the smoking gun chamber with wood chips

Load the chamber of the smoking gun with wood chips, about 1/3 of the way full- you only need a little bit of smoke to fill a 750ml bottle. Fill halfway for a larger bottle.


Smoke Cocktails: Fill the bottle entirely with dense smoke

Insert the smoking gun tube into the bottle and turn it on. Slowly ignite the wood chips and keep them lit until the entire bottle fills with dense smoke, then remove the flame, turn off the gun, remove the tube and seal the bottle.

Smoke Cocktails: shake the bottle until the smoke disappears

Shake the sealed bottle for a minute or two- until all the smoke disappears. Pour our a small sip and test it to see if it’s smokey enough. If you desire more smoke, just repeat the process.


Smoked cocktails: See the color change

You can see the color change in the vodka after being smoked- different types of wood will also have different flavors. Apple and cherry wood chips are usually lighter, with pecan, alder and maple having a slightly more distinct smokey flavor. Mesquite are by far the most intense- most people describe the aroma as boldly reminiscent of a campfire.


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