See the Trailer for Cam’ron’s “So Bad” Video featuring Nicki Minaj

July 15, 2014 -- Published by

Here is something that has been under wraps for quite some time now. Dipset fans may have noticed the reemergence of Cam’ron recently. Back in May, Complex dropped the video featuring Cam’ron and A-Trak for the song Dipsh*ts. Today, Complex released the trailer for Cam’ron’s “So Bad” Video f/ Nicki Minaj and Yummy. Give the trailer a look and let us know if you see anything…

Watch the Exclusive Premiere of Cam’ron’s “So Bad” ft. Nicki Minaj

After waiting on the song for years, Cam’ron gave Funkmaster Flex the green light to release his previously unreleased collaboration with Nicki Minaj from 2012 titled, “So Bad.” The track feels like a real throwback, reminding listeners of Cam’s classic song “Oh Boy,” while Nicki comes through with a standout feature verse, rapping, “Ayo Cam I’m the baddest bi**h, you was acting mad happy when you bagged this bi**h.”


Looking forward to the release of the video tomorrow! Stay tuned…