Power up with these immune boosting cocktail recipes!

January 18, 2014 -- Published by

Got the sniffles? Runny nose? Try one of these immune boosting cocktail recipes to make sure you kick that cold to the curb (or never get one in the first place)!


1. Powerhouse Punch

"Powerhouse Punch" cocktail recipe

Blueberries naturally increase the number of Natural Killer Cells- the ones that are responsible for attacking abnormal cells (like cancer), while acai, cranberry and goji are a great source of Vitamin C- which promotes white blood cell and antibody production, helping you fight off infections. All of the mixers in this cocktail also have high antioxidant levels as well, making sure your body clears out any free radicals.




2. Cottontail

"Cottontail" and immune boosting cocktail recipe

Carrot juice ice loaded with beta carotene, which your body converts to Vitamin A,  helping you fight off infections and keeps your T-cells (the fighters) in circulation throughout your bloodstream. Vitamin A also boosts the production of white blood cells, which defend your body from foreign invaders.




3. Pirate City

"Pirate City" an immune boosting cocktail recipe

If your body is low on Vitamin C, you’ll have inability to properly fight off infections causing longer healing times, and impaired immune responses. Make sure you’re getting enough with this cocktail that utilizes the essential oil from the skin as well as the juice itself.




4. Mango Collins

"Mango Collins" an immune boosting cocktail recipe!

1 mango has all the required daily intake of Vitamin C, so why not add some to your cocktail in the form of a puree? Making one is easy, just blend the flesh of one mango with a few teaspoons of water until smooth.




5. En-Lighten-Mint

"En-Lighten-Mint" An immune boosting cocktail recipe!

Mint leaves have tons of nutrients like calcium, phosphorous and Vitamins C, D, and E, and has also contains a potent phytochemical proven to prevent certain types of cancers including skin, colon, and lung. Cucumbers are high in vitamin K, which is essential to keeping the blood and bones healthy, while fresh lemon juice adds a nice dash of Vitamin C to round out this cocktail.

-Cheers, and here’s to healthy cocktails!