Post to #CliqueShots on Instagram and Win a Custom Shot Glass!

February 4, 2014 -- Published by

With over 5000 pictures, the #CliqueShots hashtag on Instagram has been the place for everyone who loves Clique Vodka to connect and share their good times. Every week, new pictures are flooding in on the feed from all over the country as more and more people find the black bottles. As always, we appreciate all of the pictures you share but now it is time we gave back to you!

Teaming up with A Shot to Remember, you now have the ability to upload pictures to the #CliqueShots hashtag on Instagram and receive your own custom shot glass featuring your picture! All you have to do is show your love and upload a picture to Instagram featuring you and Clique Vodka using the #CliqueShots hashtag. It’s literally that simple!

You show us love and we will show it right back to you! Each shot glass will feature your Instagram picture along with your username, completely customized for you! As much as we would love to hand these out to everyone, we cannot, so each winner will only receive one shot glass. There is a silver lining however; each time we change the promotion, everyone is again eligible for a new shot glass!

Here are Some Examples:

For more information, visit #CliqueShots or hit us up @CliqueVodka!