Low calorie cocktails: 4 simple rules to follow

January 3, 2014 -- Published by

Americans drink about 20% of their calories, so stick to those New Year’s resolutions by following these 4 simple rules for low calorie cocktails!

1. Cut the soda.

Of course it seems obvious that soda water has less calories than cola, but did you know that a Clique & tonic has only 3 calories less than a Clique & lemon lime soda? Try a Sonic instead: Add 1 1/4 oz Clique Vodka, 2 oz soda water and 2 oz tonic to a rocks glass with ice and fresh lime. Cutting the tonic with soda water takes this cocktail down to about 120 calories.


2. Use fresh fruit.

"Pretty In Pink:" A low calorie cocktail from Clique Vodka!

Every time you pour that prepackaged cranberry juice into your glass, your adding up to 65 calories!  -And yes, I’m talking about that “100% juice” one! Add some natural flavor to your cocktails by muddling in some fresh fruit with actual vitamins! Click on this low calorie cocktail for a tasty 120 calories!



3. Switch to Stevia.

Switch to Stevia for low calorie cocktails!

Lots of cocktails call for simple syrup, but even a tiny 1/4 oz can add almost 50 calories! Try making a stevia syrup instead by dissolving 1 or two packets of stevia sweetener in 1 cup of water OR buy a convenient dropper bottle full to add just a few drops. Both options have ZERO calories!



4. Skip the mixer.

Skip the mixer for low calorie cocktails!

The average vodka consumer has anywhere from 1-3 cocktails, and all those mixers add up to a lot of added calories! Try drinking Clique on the rocks (133 calories for a 2 oz pour) or try a straight up martini (200 calories for a 3 oz pour) and garnish with a twist of lemon, and olive, or cocktail onions. You’ll sip much slower, leaving you more time to savor the crisp taste of Clique Vodka while leaving all those calories behind!