Insane 3D Graffiti Murals by Odeith

July 8, 2014 -- Published by

Odeith is an internationally known graffiti artist from Portugal who has been writing since the 80’s. He is most known for his 3D wall murals, but also does murals featuring pictures of faces, or unique landscapes. He was pioneer in this original form to draw 3D letters on different surfaces, corners or 90 degrees walls passing to the ground creating an optical illusion effect (anamorphic art).
3d-art-mural before-after-mural-2 before-after-muralroom-tiger-mural benfica-seixal corner-3d-graffiti-art graffiti-mural-in-progress graffiti-mural-sea-scene mural-in-progress odeith-orange outside-muralred-anthrax-mural red-anthrax-complete storm-rollin styler syke wall-3d-mural-art