How to make strawberry rose garnishes!

February 14, 2014 -- Published by

Why pay big money for real roses when it takes 2 minutes to carve up some edible ones? Surprise your sweetie this Valentine’s day with your slicing skills, and for these strawberry rose garnishes all you need is a few large strawberries and a paring knife!

How to cut a strawberry rose garnish

Start by cutting a small slice on the outer portion of a large washed strawberry almost to the bottom, and then bending the knife horizontally to push the “petal” out further.


How to cut strawberry roses

Make the next slice overlapping the first, and continue this technique all the way around the strawberry.


Valentine's day garnishes

After you have made a complete overlapping circle, cut another layer- making sure that the slices are placed in between the petals of the first layer:

cutting a strawberry rose garnish


Cut overlapping layers all the way around the strawberry to form a second layer.


3 layer strawberry rose garnish

If you have enough room to cut a third layer of petals, go for it, otherwise skip to the next step.


How to cut the middle of a a strawberry rose

Cut the remaining center of the berry in halves, thirds, or quarters- as long at they are thick enough to stand up straight.


Make Strawberry Roses for Valentine's Day!


Place them on a breakfast or dessert tray, add one to a clear glass jar filled with Clique Vodka for a heartfelt infusion, drizzle them in chocolate, or try garnishing a RedVelvet-tini with homemade creme de cacao!

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