How to make pixie syrup for cocktails

October 9, 2014 -- Published by

Everyone knows that candy is the best part of Halloween- now you can turn it into a cocktail! This simple pixie syrup recipe is easy to make and can be made into cocktails, martinis or shooters for your big Halloween bash!

1. Sort your pixies


You can choose to make whatever colors you want, but I suggest making them all!


2. Cut the sticks


I find that each stick has a varying amount of pixie dust in there, so I just lay ’em out on a cutting board and chop right through. Be sure to clean the board off in between each color and pat it dry for the next round.


3. Get some simple going


Add equal parts sugar and water to a pot and heat (and stir!) until all the sugar is dissolved, then cut the heat. I like to make 1 big batch, then split it up into quarters to add the pixie dust. Just dump in however much dust you have and stir until dissolved. Obviously the more dust you throw in compared to the amount of simple, the more flavorful your pixie syrups will be, but since they add varying amounts of each color to the bag, I usually just portion the simple to however much of each color dust I have.


4. Mix it


You can keep you pixie syrup refrigerated for up to 2 weeks, and when it comes to making cocktails the possibilities are endless! Try substituting pixie syrup for regular simple syrup in any recipe, or try a combination of flavors! You can mix Clique Vodka, pixie syrup and lemon juice for a delicious candied sour over the rocks, or shake it up for a pixie lemondrop! Try mixing it with Clique Vodka over ice and top it off with a corresponding flavored soda (ie: purple with grape soda, orange with orange soda) for a bright and vibrant candy cocktail, or shake some up with Clique Vodka and lemonade and pour out into shots! Try taking it one step further and dip the rim of the glass in some pixie syrup first the in a pile of pixie dust to coat!

Don’t have time to whip up a batch of pixie syrup? No problem, try this quick infusion recipe for “Pixie Tricks!”