Chef Brian Duffy from “Bar Rescue” New Restaurant Serving Clique Vodka

May 2, 2014 -- Published by

Chef Brian Duffy works privately as a full-time consultant, helping restaurants to stand out and be profitable in a crowded market. He (and his motorcycle) can be seen on Spike TV’s Bar Rescue, where as Chef Expert he tours the country, reforming flailing businesses with his down to earth yet no-nonsense approach and “tell it like it is” style. But despite his massive success, Chef Duffy is just as excited about cooking today as he was when he first started out. I remember the first time I put my chefs jacket on, he says. That was it for me. I was hooked for life.

Chef Brian Duffy is currently at a new restaurant in Bridgeport, West Virginia, Meagher’s Irish Pub.


And guess what you are able to find at the bar….