Awesome Make-Up Portraits by Alexander Khokhlov

April 9, 2014 -- Published by

A Moscow based photographer and artist, Alexander Khokhlov, has created an art project titled “2D or not 2D” and you’ve most likely seen a lot of his work floating around the internet. More recently, his video of the transformation of a model into Marge Simpson began to pick up some traction and spread. Khokhlov also worked with make-up artist Veronica Ershova and hair stylist Mickhail Kravchenko, in the recreation the famous cartoon character.

After looking into the other works of the artist, I found many other similar works of art in his “2d or Not 2d” project.

“I like to work with people but not only for their entity. Everybody is a field for experiments and I don’t know what would be next. My lovely life Veronica always gives me inspiration for the new ideas and projects.” – Alexander Khokhlov