Be sure you’re “Kool’n The Gang” down with this festive 4th of July cocktail!

July 2, 2013 -- Published by

On Thursday everything in sight will be dressed up in red white and blue, so why not make sure your cocktail is too? This simple and tasty “Kool’n the Gang” 4th of July cocktail recipe is super easy to prepare, and only requires a few small things and a little prep work.

What you’ll need:

1 bottle of Clique Vodka
2 packets of Kool-Aid (1 red, and 1 blue)
lemon lime soda
Ice cube trays


How to make it:

Start by mixing 2 separate batches of Kool-Aid (one blue and one red), according to the packet instructions. Pour the prepared mixture into ice cube trays and freeze. If you don’t have enough ice cube trays to do both batches at once, just make 1 at a time, and transfer the frozen cubes to a ziptop bag or container while the second batch freezes (this recipe calls for red, white AND blue cubes, so make sure you prepare twice as many regular cubes as frozen ones if you don’t have an ice maker!)

Once all your cubes are completely frozen add 2-3 red cubes and  2-3 blue cubes, then fill the rest of a tall glass with regular ones.  Make sure you don’t go overboard with the colored cubes, or your cocktail will end up with an overbearing amount of color and flavor. Slowly pour 1 1/4 oz of Clique Vodka down the inside surface of the of the glass. If you pour it directly over the ice, the cubes will start to melt and bleed color immediately- turning the cocktail purple right from the start. Fill the cocktail with chilled lemon lime soda, add a festive straw, and you’re all ready to sit back and “Celebrate Good Times, Come On!”

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